Twas The Night Before Hexed Mass

Twas The Night Before Hexed Mass, a poem by #IDzILLeagle

Tways The Knight...

or click on the original artwork by IDzILLeagle above to hear a reading of this amazing poem by the hardest of hardcore truth rappers, IDzILLeagle. It’s all about the #LegalNameFraud Satanic #LegalDeathCult and its hexed mass-control system feasting upon Humanity.

It’s illegal to use a legal name = I.D.’s illegal. So everyone needs to read the Birth Certificate fraud escape clause aka #BCCRSS here.

Detroit Unplugged Radio: IDzILLeagle

Looking forward to airing LIVE on Detroit Unplugged Radio to share the Truth that #IDsILLEGAL via #LegalNameFraud, which is all we ever rap about.  It’s our mission to get the word out to everyone – so read the #BCCRSS right here on the home page.   

Tell your friends, get ready, tune in and listen up to #IDZILLEAGLE of United Children Of Creation, live and direct. 

Thanks, Detroit Unplugged Radio!

Listen to our hardcore truth right here on the MUSIC page.

IDz a rap: it’s illegal to use a legal name. Read #BCCRSS